Get the exchange rate of NBM

Informer in exchange rates for your site - provides a method of integration with Exchange rates on your website. Using the tools on this page, you can configure the block, changing the size and coloring. 

Displayed information - exchange rates of the NBM for the current day, for the major currencies on the moldovan lei. 

Adding code block currencies is very simple: click in the box with the HTML code to Copy/Paste operation further into the code of your website. Use of this service is completely free. 

For proposals to improve the service and to report any significant bugs, use the e-mail address:
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Курс НБМ
EUR 20.08 MDL
USD 19.295 MDL
RUB 0.318 MDL
UAH 0.522 MDL
Конвертор валют
от сайта

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