Banks of the Republic of Moldova

The catalogue of banks represents the complete list of banks of Moldova. Choosing interesting bank, you get on page where are displayed adress, phone, website, E-mail, and also short digression to history and the basic values of the enterprise . 

    Contact data are regularly updated, that users always could find the exact information. For an additional information you can pass to a website of the chosen bank.

  • 24.11.2022

    About Polls!

    The number of those who believe that Moldova is going in the wrong direction has reached 65.8%. These are the data of the sociological survey "Barometer of Public opinion".


    Grants from the EU

    The European Commission will allocate €533 million to develop cross—border and transnational cooperation, accelerate the transition to "green" technologies and support healthcare and education in 12 countries - Moldova, Ukraine…

  • 24.11.2022

    The CIS crisis

    The rupture of relations with the CIS will lead to visas, lack of gas and sales markets: Why Moldova turns away from the East in favor of the West

    Minister of…