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Republica Moldova, MD-2001, mun. Chisinau, str. Ismail, 33
(+373 22) 50 01 01
(+373 22) 54 88 27
Web site:

Filiala nr.1 Chisinau
str. Ismail, 33

Filiala din Balti
str. Stefan cel Mare, 28

Filiala din Ungheni
str. Romana 26/2

Filiala din Orhei
str. Negruzzi, 10A

Filiala din Cahul
str. Stefan cel Mare 24g/1

Bank info:

BC "EuroCreditBank" S.A. has been founded in September, 1992.

Starting with June 2009 BC "EuroCreditBank" S.A. implemented the 12th system of quick payments Money Gram,creating thus, the complete package of the most popular and opportune quick payment systems that comprises a big part of the world.

During the period fromJuly, 01st till December, 31st, 2009BC "EuroCreditBank"S.A.carries out the action "Transfer with gifts" for the clients who made use of the service - quick money transfers.

In November 2009 a new Bank's representative office in Straseni district opened (address, M. Eminescu 19 A street), which offers many types of services to the clients.

In April 2010 took place general meeting of shareholders BC "EuroCreditBank"S.A. Net profit for 2009 year constituted 10.692 thousand lei. According to the decision of the general meeting of shareholders 77,5% of the obtained profit will be directed to the reserve capital creation and 22,5% on capitalization.

Total assets BC "EuroCreditBank" S.A. in 2009 year increased with 22,5%, constituting 280.192 thousand lei; generating profit assets - with 21,8%, constituting 158.151,2 thousand lei, TNC - constituting 144.729 thousand lei. Total Bank income in current period constituted 55.175 thousand lei, increase with respect to the current period of the last year constituted - 2,4%, expences constituted- 37.070,0 thousand lei. Return on assets (ROA) for the 2009 year constituted 4,35%, return on equity (ROE) - 6,8%.

On the 20th of April 2011, was organized theAnnualReunion of the BC"EuroCreditBank" SAstockholders. Within which were approved: - the Annual Financing Accounting Report of the BC "EuroCreditBank"SA fot the 2010 year; - the 2010 Annual Report of the Bank Administration Council; - the 2010 Annual Report of the Bank Censors Committee; - the Profit allocation was approved; - were approved the Profit allocations standards for the 2011 year. The 2010 year obtained profit should be used for capitalization, also in 2011 the "Moldauditing" SRL, was confirmed as an audit organization and was established the quantum of it`s distribution services. The 2011 year budget for the BC"EuroCreditBank" SA 2011 budget was approved and the Censors Committee, was elected the reserve of the BC"EuroCreditBank"SA by the Administration Council of BC"EuroCreditBank"SA.

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