Currency rates of Moldovan commercial banks

Bank name buysale buysale buysale buysale buysale
FinComBank S.A. 19.0919.36 17.5517.77 3.773.9
Moldova Agroindbank S.A. 19.0819.38 17.5517.8 3.783.91 0.40.45 00
BC "Energbank" SA 19.0819.35 17.5517.8 3.783.89
Banca Nationala 19.226219.2262 17.741217.7412 3.86473.8647 0.44970.4497 0.19510.1951
EXIMBANK-Gruppo Veneto Banca S.A. 19.0519.35 17.5717.83 3.773.91
Banca Comerciala Romana Chisinau S.A. 19.0819.4 17.5517.83 3.83.92 0.380.52
Deghest C.S.V. 19.1219.15 17.5617.59 3.833.85 0.410.44 0.190.19
B.C. EuroCreditBank S.A. 19.119.35 17.5517.78 3.783.87

Banks of Moldova - the exchange rate

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