Curs valutar Victoriabank Moldova

Republica Moldova, MD-2004, mun. Chişinău, str.31 August 1989, 141
(+373 22) 57 61 00
(+373 22) 23 45 33
Web site:

Filiala nr. 3
str. 31 August 1989, 141
57- 62-39

Filiala nr. 8
str. Decebal, 99

Filiala nr. 11
bd. Ştefan cel Mare sI Sfint, 77

Filiala nr. 12
bd. Moscova, 3

Filiala nr. 14
bd. Mircea cel Bătrîn, 11

Filiala nr. 17
str. 31 August 1989, 64

Filiala nr. 20
str. Ion Creangă, 76

Filiala nr. 21
com. Stăuceni, str. Chişinăului, 5

Filiala nr. 26
str. Cosmonauţilor, 6

Filiala nr. 29
str. Sfatul Ţării, 29

Filiala nr. 30
bd. Dacia 29

Bank info:
  VICTORIABANK was the First Commercial Bank in Moldova which initiated the process of the banking system development in Moldova as far back as from

  Victoriabank is the leader in implementation of new technologies, representing the First Bank to work with bank cards, as well as the First to bring automatic cash terminals to Moldova, along with other innovative products and services, whith are not implemented on the Moldovan market before. Therefore, we are one step ahead of our competitors! Victoriabank knows what your needs are by asking a technological feedback!

  Victoriabank knows how to realize your wishes – which is evidenced by the dynamics of attraction, by which we are the first!
Victoriabank is a recognized brand both on the national and international levels, representing a new approach to quality.
"Gold Premium " at the category Quality and Excellence, at the International Quality Summit, organised by Bisiness Initiative Directions.
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