Huawei has denied the accusations of espionage

Huawei has denied the accusations of spying for the government of the PRC from a former CIA chief Michael Hayden. Michael Hayden also expressed his opinion that a Hong Kong company transferred some data to China.

And the chief representative of Huawei denied the data and said that the accusations are slander and lies.

American policy in 2012 stated that Huawei poses a threat to U.S. security, as it is associated with the Chinese authorities.

The British government last week gave a statement to the effect that a special cyber security center will carry out the analysis of Huawei.

These concerns were due to the fact that the company's founder Ren Chzhenfey, was an officer in the PLA - the Chinese armed forces.

But the company refutes these arguments and sharpens the focus on the fact that it is 98.6% owned by its employees. According to Hayden, Huawei shared with the Chinese authorities for its extensive knowledge of foreign telecommunication systems, the creation of which she was involved.

However, Huawei spokesman Scott Sykes gave a statement, it said that all the statements are a distraction from the real problems associated with industrial espionage and other that deserves discussion on a global scale.