The Australian Government plans to reduce budget expenditures

The Australian Government intends to take the program to reduce budget expenditures of the country. 

The government also intends to reduce the costs of environmental programs. With these cuts the government intends to reduce the $ 4.1 billion.

All the money in the savings program will be invested in the construction of roads in the cities. Similarly, the company Clean Energy Finance Corp due to funding constraints the state budget would be only $ 9.2 billion.

The Australian government plans to reduce the overall costs in the amount of 38.6 billion dollars. On 7 senyabrya opposition coalition led by the Liberal Party defeated the ruling Labour Party in elections in Australia. 

The Liberals, led by Tony Abbott got 78 seats in the 150 -seat House of Representatives. Participated in the elections to the 14 million voters to vote in Australia, necessarily, but that duty evasion is punishable by a fine, albeit small. 

Also, in this election, participated Party Assange .