Optimistic forecast of the Moldovan economy for 2023.

In 2023, the purchasing power of Moldovan citizens may recover. This was stated by the economic expert of IDIS Viitorul Vyacheslav Ionitse in the new issue of his "Economic Analyses".

The expert noted that since 2021, a decrease in consumer loans has been recorded, caused by a drop in the purchasing power of the population and the concern of Moldovan citizens about economic prospects. This year, the situation may change for the better, Ionitse believes.

"People will become more optimistic in assessing their incomes, and this means a recovery in consumption. Inflation will decrease. Energy prices will go down. Other prices will rise slightly. The incomes of the population will be higher due to low inflation," the expert predicts.

He believes that the National Bank will be able to weaken monetary policy, and banks will be more active. Thus, the engines of the economy will be launched, including by increasing consumption by the population.

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