Moldova refused to join the Customs Union

   Natalia Gherman the Moldovan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration (MFAEI) recently gave a statement saying that Moldova is not ready for that to hit the Customs Union. 

   At this point in the TS includes countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. Natalia Gherman explained this decision by saying that the international alliance holds the tariff policy, which at the moment does not correspond to the commitments that Moldova has taken on a time when the country joined the World Trade Organization. 

   Also recently Natalie Herman at a press conference, said that if the country does not enter into the vehicle, then it would have no impact on trade and economic development of Moldova within the framework of the Treaty on free trade with the member countries of the CIS. 

   Chapter MAEIE maintains a free trade agreement between Moldova and other countries that are part of the EU does not have a negative impact on the cooperation between Moldova and Russia, as well as a good relationship will be with the former CIS countries. 

   The Moldovan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, added that after signing the contract and the performance of his points, Moldova will be a significant economic partner. Also export to the country will be increased, which will be quite a positive effect on the external trade relations with the European countries. 

   Also, will create significant legal institutions, including the normal competition, transparency in the relations of commerce and investment protection.