Uzbekistan and the United States is interested in improving security in Central Asia - Ambassador

The other day, U.S. Ambassador to Uzbekistan, said the United States and Uzbekistan are passionate about the consolidation of non-volatile and security in Central Asia and in the future prosperity of the region . 

The diplomat also said that they are willing to support the initiative of leaders of Uzbekistan and the institutions of civil society in ensuring regional security , the fight against terrorism , drug abuse and drug trafficking. 

Also appreciated the fact that Uzbekistan is making efforts to build stability and peace, especially the continuous assistance to Afghanistan, will also continue its partnership with Uzbekistan for future plans and initiatives. 

Then, the diplomat said the United States is willing to sustain the activity of the Uzbek government and civil society to ensure regional security , the fight against terrorism , drug abuse and drug trafficking. According to the diplomat could say that America is interested in the resolution of issues relating to the management and rational use of water and energy resources, and hope that this will help to open dialogue. 

A Krol expressed his views on the cooperation between the U.S. and Uzbekistan, said that the day before held in Washington and Tashkent talks and long discussions , contribute to attracting equal partners in an open and friendly dialogue , covering all aspects of bilateral relations. 

Kral said again that America supports the thrust of Uzbekistan is quite the path of development and diversification of the economy, the formation of the optimal conditions for attracting foreign investment, and attract into effect the development of regional trade and commerce. U.S. Ambassador said in a statement that it is confident about the partnership that will last for several years.