Blinken and Sandu discussed reforms and improving Moldova's energy security

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken met with Moldovan President Maia Sandu on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference on Friday. The US State Department reported that they discussed Moldova's efforts to promote the program of democratic reforms, strengthen its sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as increase energy security.

The Secretary of State noted the assistance provided by the United States aimed at increasing the political and economic stability of Moldova and overcoming the serious consequences of the Russian war against Ukraine.

"We are deeply concerned about certain conspiracies, which, as we have seen, emanate from Russia, with the aim of destabilizing the government, and, of course, we highly appreciate the efforts that Moldova is making to protect against them," the head of American diplomacy said.

According to Blinken, Moldova "unwillingly found itself in a situation of a "perfect storm" of challenges that came from outside," which had a great impact on the situation inside the country. He noted that the Moldovan government has not only a powerful reform program, but also a good economic program, an important element of which is energy.

"The United States continues to strongly support Moldova's efforts to diversify energy supplies in order to ensure real sustainability, and of course prices will decrease," he stressed.

Sandu noted that 2022 was "incredibly difficult" for Moldova, but the United States supported the country "at every step."