EU economy will continue falling as well in second half of 2012

Experts predict an exit of pair EUR/USD to level 1,2700, they hope on stimulating measures from side ECB. Nevertheless, the risk of falling of euro, undoubtedly, is present, despite the general consolidation of the market.

 Easing of the European economy at the expense of problems in a banking sector and business recession are expected. Decrease in crediting adversely affects the general industrial production in the Eurozone while loading of capacities suffers because of decrease in consumer spendings.

Despite this situation, Germany, on behalf of the largest bank of EU, treats critically bond purchase from side ECB. In connection with all preconditions set forth above, by estimations IMF, EU economy in 2012 will lose 0,2 % of gross national product. The given forecast means a train of bankruptcies of large financial institutions which have on the balances the bonds of countries PIIGS. 

  Experts recommend not to postpone monetary measures from world regulators in order to avoid a new wave of crisis. Low yield on bonds of the USA, Germany, the Great Britain, Japan also testifies to possible recession of economy of EU very soon.

  • 24.11.2022

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