China intends to invest in Africa in the amount of $ 2 billion

African and Chinese board together with the Chinese and the African Development Fund, form two new investment funds totaling $ 2 billion. Actions enterprise will be sent to reinforce the national investment projects in the sphere of trade and the mining industry in Africa. According to local media, the two structures will be based in Beijing.

Zheng Yueven chairman Quds claims that China is looking for opportunities to implement projects to change the infrastructure in the African continent. Also chairman of the Quds added that Africa needed reforms in the industry, as it will give the country the opportunity to be the largest producer of goods, and for Chinese companies will be a great opportunity to move part of its industrial enterprises in Africa. Now the Chinese organizations of more than 550.

According to the Foreign Ministry in the past year, China''''''''s trade with African countries amounted to $ 200 billion. Chinese investment in the economy of African countries exceeded $ 17 billion.

  • 28.10.2013

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