Improving prospects for U.S. economy

Prospects of economy of the USA have been improved on the next months, after the publication of key macroeconomic statistics in the first week of August. Changes are postpone necessity of realisation of the third round of quantitative softening, but does not give possibility to exclude him completely. 

We remind, that boundary level of recession makes 50,0 % while the index of managers on purchases in industrial sector makes 49,8 % the second month already. Despite statistical data, representatives of the basic branches extremely positively respond about the developed situation. 

«Business is on lifting already throughout seven months», - one of representatives has declared. In non-productive sphere stabler indicators are observed. So, the index of managers on purchases has been fixed at level of 52,6 %, and the index of new orders has increased by 1 percentage item to a mark of 54,3 %.

 In spite of the fact that the rate of unemployment has raised on 0,1 percentage items, again has been created 163 thousand jobs that is the strong indicator of a condition of economy.

 In general, experts have fixed small, but confident growth of the economy of the USA.

  • 24.11.2022

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