IFS will provide assistance in the amount of 1.5 billion euros to Cyprus

As stated in the Eurogroup , which IFS is ready to provide financial assistance in the amount of $ 1.5 billion. 

Mechanism for financial stability also said that this help is ready to provide up to the end of the first month of autumn. More recently, a hidden source told reporters the date of listing. Unknown source gave the exact date of transfer of credit, and the procedure will take place on September 27. 

It was recently discussed the euro area and the MFS over Cyprus. These two parties have decided that Cyprus allocate up to 10 billion euros. But it was also delivered to the condition, which states that Cyprus must implement a program to restore and improve the economic situation of the financial sector.

In the summer , or rather at the end of July, had been sent to Cyprus by representatives of the creditors. Representatives were to give due weight to the country. In early autumn the Council of Ministers held a meeting of euro-zone countries . At the meeting, a question was raised about Cyprus. Eurogroup noted that the country's economy recovers, that is Cyprus.

The statement said that the Euro-group is ready to provide financial assistance to Cyprus, which is listed by the end of September this year.