• 28.06.2013
    Jane Austen will be on 10-pound notes Jane Austen will be on 10-pound notes. The Bank of England for several years, led a discussion about whether any of prominent people to display on the new ten-pound note. For a long time deciding and leading a lot of discussion about it and finally decided to come to the conclusion that this is the…
  • 27.06.2013
    Panic - Coverage of China

       On Monday (June 24), "Shanghai Composite" raced up 5.3%, due to fears of a liquidity crisis in China. Throughout the months to notice problems with the media in loans, but the panic began only yesterday after the country's central bank made ​​a statement that does not intend to intervene…

  • 26.06.2013
    World economic growth

       For half a year, the global economy has gained momentum, leading to changes for the better on the background of Chinas development, as well as the hope that the U.S. will not allow the fiscal cliff.

       The agency «Bloomberg» surveyed investors, which stated that:

  • 07.08.2012
    Euro Growth Unfortunately, Europe has not resolved the European debt problems while the situation has become complicated with difficulties of the Spanish kingdom and continuing to weakening Greece despite the numerous help.

  • 07.08.2012
    Improving prospects for U.S. economy Prospects of economy of the USA have been improved on the next months, after the…
  • 07.08.2012
    EU economy will continue falling as well in second half of 2012 Experts predict an exit of pair EUR/USD to level 1,2700, they hope on stimulating measures from side ECB. Nevertheless, the risk of falling of euro, undoubtedly, is present, despite the general consolidation of the market.
  • 24.11.2022

    About Polls!

    The number of those who believe that Moldova is going in the wrong direction has reached 65.8%. These are the data of the sociological survey "Barometer of Public opinion".


    Grants from the EU

    The European Commission will allocate €533 million to develop cross—border and transnational cooperation, accelerate the transition to "green" technologies and support healthcare and education in 12 countries - Moldova, Ukraine…

  • 24.11.2022

    The CIS crisis

    The rupture of relations with the CIS will lead to visas, lack of gas and sales markets: Why Moldova turns away from the East in favor of the West

    Minister of…